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Petrochemical Process and  Tank Farm Equipments


Over 30 years in oil & gas equipment installation sub- contractor experience . UNW  delivers fully integrated solutions for the oil and gas depot facilities. This includes designed, procurement,  installation and commissioning for pumping  house, oil loading facility, metering system and oil storage tank farm such as floating roof, vapor recovery system. In addition, we offer services to our client to maintain their facility. Throughout our history, we have never shied away from new challenges. Today is no exception. We’re helping ensure our clients continues to operate safely.


Our employees support, encourage and support one another with principles that not only bind us together today but carry us successfully through challenges that tomorrow may bring.

Call us : If you have oil and gas facility construction project our team will be at your service.
UNW Tel : +66 61 208 8804 0r +66 87 848 8816
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Our transfer pump is a centrifugal pump, is made of steel and stainless steel. We also offer API pump for Oil refinery application.  There are closed impeller chemical transfer pumps, semi-open impeller transfer pumps. Our customer services covering all facets of pump selection, installation, maintenance, repair, parts replacement .

Pump Selection our engineers will assist in the selection of pumps, motors, couplings, base plates and other related items, so that the customer will have a pump assembly specifically designed for its needs.

Pump Repair.  Pumps can be repaired on site or at DELT repair facility or customers to take over the entire pump maintenance program at a customer plant.

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DELT chemical transfer pump is a centrifugal pump, is made of SS304, SS316, 2205 duplex stainless steel. It is closed impeller chemical transfer pumps, semi-open impeller transfer pumps, and open impeller chemical pumps for sales.The media may have a wide range of different chemical properties, so the pumps need different functional principles. Our engineers work hard to make sure that liquid and pump are fully compatible. They approach every application with the  standards of maximum diligence and quality.

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DELT Air Operated (Pneumatic) Double Diaphragm Pump is a positive displacement pump, adopting compress air, smoke and industry exhaust gas as power source.It has two diaphragms, the compressed air come to the pump body to drive the pump in the constant action of sucking and releasing, so it can pump the liquids easily by this principle. Also it is very safe in dangerous environment since it has no electric motor.  DELT air operated double diaphragm pumps can not only transfer the flow liquid, but also can transfer some uneasy flowed medium, with the merits of self-priming pump, diving pump, shield pump, slurry pump and impurity pump etc.

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DELT  Rotary sliding vane pump is with by-pass valve built-in. The pump uses a rotor with sliding vanes to drive the liquid transfer. The material of construction is nodular cast iron with self-lubricating vanes. Due to its superior performance, the pump can handle viscous and volatile liquid and require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps. The pump has its obvious advantage in the transmission of high flow at low revolution. Excellent self-priming and dry run capabilities. Widely application in diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, heavy oil, etc. Vanes could be replaced without moving the whole pump makes easy maintenance. High flowrate speed for choice

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DELT automatic tank gauge system for oil depot and chemical plant mainly consist of flexible probe and SS600 tank gauge console. With the solution, whatever and wherever you want of product level, water level, five-point temperature, inventory, delivery and sales information, DELT  automatic tank gauges will always be there to help user easily reach the target. Our ATG  are precision measuring system to monitor tanks in real time, and alarm staff if any abnormal status like leakage.

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Satam has developed a comprehensive product range for oil depots and terminals. To guarantee the perfect control of quantities of hydrocarbons entering and leaving your facility, Satam provides metering solutions optimally tailored to each type of application. The accuracy, safety and long service-life of Satam equipment allows us to provide you with optimal metering station performance and maximum profitability in the distribution of your petroleum products. Furthermore, the Satam Service team, which is fully trained in all aspects of oil industry requirements, guarantees optimum availability of your metering equipment and installations.


Franklin Valve is a privately held, financially stable company located in Houston Texas that manufactures the DuraSeal Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve, the DuraSeal 4-Way Diverter Valve, and the DuraGate Symmetrical Expanding Gate Valve all three to order per customer specification.  All of Franklin valves are proudly manufactured and tested in the U.S.A with parts sourced globally. Franklin Valve manufactures, repairs, and provides maintenance services on reduced and full bore designs.  We place the highest value on product quality and customer service and are committed to positioning Franklin’s DuraSeal as the premier DBB valve on the market.

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FAURE HERMAN was founded more than 85 years ago in Boulogne Billancourt, France.

Jean FAURE HERMAN, an automobile importer, was looking for a way to measure the quantities of fuel consumed by aircraft. At the time, aviation endurance runs and record attempts (distance, speed, altitude) often failed through ignorance of the quantities of fuel consumed

Officine Meccaniche Cavourrel s.r.l.

OMC had focused on the construction of loading arms and other equipment for the oil & gas industry, devoting many years to Research and Development in the field of truck loading so as to find increasingly innovative solutions. Since 1965, the company has been specializing in the field of liquid transfer by loading arms and floating suction units, and it has devoted its Research and Development Department to achieve the most efficient production of both standard and special liquid transfer equipment.

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OCV Fluid Solutions

From fluid control at fueling and receiving facilities to storage tanks, and fuel/water separation units; it is no wonder commercial and military aviation installations around the world rely on OCV for their automatic commercial and military aviation fueling control valves. Our aviation fueling control valve availability and quality have made us the industry standard in aviation fueling.

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We are specialized in the manufacture of pressure and vacuum relief valves and flame arresters, as well as safety protection devices for liquid petroleum and petroleum products storage tanks, treatment, nitrogen blanketing systems for automatic nitrogen sealing devices, explosive venting systems, and other related products.
All Corporation NEOTECHKOREA products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with API 2000, API 650, API 2521, API RP 520, EN12874, BS 7244 and other relate recognition code or purchase order specification.

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Tokyo Boeki Engineering,Ltd.

The history of our company's business activities goes back to the technical cooperation between Tokyo Boeki Ltd. (now Tokyo Boeki Holdings Corp.) and Chiksan Corporation (currently TechnipFMC plc) in the United States in 1955. Since then, we have been contributing to the stable distribution of energy by improving the quality of development, manufacturing technology and after-sales service as a loading arm manufacturer while receiving encouragement from our customers.

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Velcon Filters, LLC was founded in 1953 byHarold Higbee, a Tooling Engineer, and L.W. (Lu) Taylor, an Industrial Engineer. Both had extensive experience in the fiberglass industry. The first products were fabricated fiberglass components for the 2.75 Rocket sold to the United States government. Imaginative R&D led to the creation of a proprietary fiberglass filter coalescer in 1957. This revolutionary product was initially introduced to both military and commercial aviation fuel markets and subsequently to pipelines and refineries. 

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We supply valve spindle bellows with high pressure resistance (up to 600 bar), leak tightness, motion absorption and long service life for the valve-gear industry. These are available made of special materials, such as Hastelloy, Inconel or Incoloy as well. On request, we also validate the performance of our components through load cycle tests under operating conditions.

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Storagetech™ manufactures storage tank equipment, such as flame arresters, breather valves, gauge hatches, floating & dome roofs, and floating suction units and many other products and help the energy, chemical, petrochemical, hydrogen, and pharma industries to achieve their net-zero target in a most sustainable way.Floating roofs and seals system are customized products. Therefore we will work with you together to find the best solution that meets your needs and your budget. Contact us by requesting a quote for the best solution with a proven service life of at least 25 years.Storagetech’s domes are fully compliant with ISO EN 1090, API 650, AWWA and ASCE7 specifications. The highly modular and standardized design gives chance to compete with any supplier on project pricing. Light-weight construction allows covering large diameter tanks without intermediate support.

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