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DELT stands for "Delight our customers" and it is based on our basic philosophy of making all our customers "happy" in the sense of the word. We aspire to be an organization that creates value. Help create a prosperous society live and grow with people and society

DELT SYSTEM, is committed to bringing innovation from over 30 years of experience of Uniwave Company Limited in the oil distribution equipments supply business in providing good service, be safe to oil companies in Thailand. And there is a continuous improvement of quality all the time. We are committed to developing In order to achieve the needs and satisfaction of customers as the core of the organization's philosophy that emphasizes safety as the first, we develop products and services that are beneficial to society and the nation, carry out business activities w
ith transparency and honesty, promote effective work and have continuous development. to cope with the changes that occur all the time due to economic problems and the impact of various crises

DELT SYSTEM is a device that meets international quality and safety standards. The most economical and cost-effective for petro-stations such as submersible pumps, fuel dispensers, nozzle, hoses, automatic tank gauging systems for underground storage tanks. Double underground pipe, air compressor , tire inflator station, courtyard control system All equipment is developed and designed in our country under the cooperation of research and development companies in Asia and Europe to meet international standards and meet the safety standards certified by Leading international institutions such as CE, ATEX-EU, TUV, UL, EN, etc.

DELT's components are manufactured and assembled by world-leading manufacturers in Asia and Europe. We also have a "Recondition Center" or a service center for recondition fuel dispenser  that has been used with genuine spare parts and comparable parts (ODM) to restore the condition of the device to a ready-to-use. To provide services to customers who want to control the initial cost of construction or renovation of gas stations when having to invest in a limited time​

8/9 Moo 1, T.San Phee Suae, A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50300
Email : info@deltsyste
Tel : 082-163-3369

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